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Rice is a type of grain that has been being farmed for over 8,000 years in China. Since then, it has slowly spread to other reasons across the world and has become a dietary staple for billions of people, particularly those in Asia and Latin America.

Today, rice is the third most produced grain in the world. Each year, worldwide production reaches over 480 million metric tons.

Rice trading can be financed through several means, the two most common of which are receivables nance and secured financing.

Receivables are debts owed to a business, such as unpaid invoices. They’re regarded as assets and can be used by traders to secure finance.

Rice is one of our key trading commodities. We specialize in moving this critical commodity from areas of surplus to areas where supply is unable to meet demand.

We are experienced rice suppliers of white rice, brown rice, parboiled rice, rough rice and other speciality rice products, sourced from various countries.

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